HNB Group represents these companies in Iran:

1. BOREAS Co.; Active in designing and manufacturing the best quality Air Handling Units in Turkey. This company products have presentable and actual standards such as TB1 level of EUROVENT certification. So, the manufactured Air Handling Units of this company are also exporting to Germany.

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2. Termotes co, has been providing project, installation and contracting services for cold storage, cooling, air conditioning, ventilation and clean room systems. Termotes has been committed to providing the technological innovations to Turkey. 100% Customer satisfaction is our prime principle and we are proud of signing numerous works to date.

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Unit 6, 1st floor, Saman Office and Commercial Center, 1st Ave. , Shahran second sq. , Tehran, Iran

+98 21 44365015 - 6
+98 21 44336806 - 7
+98 990 3381474

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